There are many different types of meditation, but I focus mainly on mindful meditation and guided meditation. I have found that mediation has had a major impact on my own life:  finding that I had a renewed sense of energy, sleep much better and feeling generally more peaceful, relaxed and balanced.  I have also noticed a great impact on family members and friends who have taken up a meditation practise.

I wanted share my knowledge and the amazing benefits I discovered with others and trained to be a meditation instructor alongside my sister Joanne.  

Joanne Ashby – Tranquil Energy Therapies

Research has shown that meditation can help in many ways.  Many believe that meditation can help in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, improving sleep, having more energy, reducing blood pressure, feeling more balanced, having better self-awareness and decision making, allowing you to access more creativity and creating a sense of deep peace and relaxation to name a few.  

Meditation is now being recognised by the NHS and within schools for its wonderful benefits.  It also now being used by a large number of high achievers such as high performing athletes and movie stars as it has now been recognised by many in supporting people to improve their performance.

Meditation can be fantastic in giving us the space to slow down and allow our bodies to rebalance and help us in reducing stress and anxiety.  

Meditation is now becoming more and more popular due to many positive effects it’s believed to have on the body.  

One to one meditation session with Claire £30

Group Meditation Session to be confirmed

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