Hypnotherapy can be described as a set of techniques that are used to achieve a state of mind where an individual’s responsiveness to suggestion is increased, which allows them to make beneficial changes to their thought patterns and behaviours.  Hypnotherapy is a perfectly safe and natural therapy. 

There are many myths about hypnotherapy like that you can be forced to cluck like a chicken or made to act silly on a stage.  However, hypnosis really just feels like being in a deeply relaxed state.  When the state of hypnosis is achieved your brain, waves have been slowed down, enabling you to feel very deeply relaxed in an almost dreamlike state.  It is like the moments before you fall off to sleep.  In the process of hypnotherapy, the individual remains fully in control and is still able to reject any hypnotic suggestions they do not agree with and bring themselves out of hypnosis if they wish.

Using the techniques involved in hypnotherapy I am able to support you to access your subconscious mind and provide positive suggestions that will help you to take control of your thinking patterns and thus support you to make the changes in behaviour that you desire.  I will work closely together with you to ensure the suggestions I use are in agreement of the changes you would like to make.

I use hypnotherapy as a tool of empowerment towards overcoming your difficulties, taking control of your life and achieving your goals.  I can work with you supporting you to access and unleash your skills and talents towards achieving your goals and living a healthy and happy lifestyle.  

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