What People Say

I really enjoyed the group meditation I attended, I found it very relaxing and calming.

Michael Rosa

It helped me focus my mind and made me think about my goals.  I was successful in losing 1/2 stone and am still making progress.  Thank you

Anthea Hill

I had hypnotherapy from Claire for work related stress. I found my stress levels reduced significantly and it really has helped me to relax.

Stephen Munday

Claire has a beautiful, calm and clean space to work and I felt at ease with her straight away.  I was unsure how successful the hypnosis would be as I have suffered with low self esteem and low self confidence all of my life, I was pleasantly surprised with the noticeable difference without me really having to think about it, it just came naturally to me.  I would go to therapy a bit stressed and would look forward to the deep level of relaxation that I would experience during the session.  I would come away feeling like a weight has been lifted and the after effects keep coming! I would highly recommend Claire for her gentle and personal approach to hypnotherapy.  Thank you!

Joanne Ashby

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