Stress is very common in our society today, with the charity Mind reporting that one in four of us experience a mental health problem each year.  With the increase of social media, working hours and people being required to be contactable at all times for many of us stress and anxiety can be very overwhelming and make us feel like staying in the comfort of our own homes tucked up in a duvet rather than facing the world.  Increased anxiety can also lead to panic attacks….

With this fast-paced society, it is also believed that more and more of us are taking time off work with work related stress and anxiety.  

Many years ago, it was natural to experience fight or flight when we were faced with a sabre tooth tiger that wanted to eat us.  However, the problem is we can often experience this same reaction as we are having a conversation with a colleague at work over the water cooler.  

Hypnotherapy can be very powerful in helping you to develop the skills to manage stress and anxiety, empowering you to live the life you desire.

How hypnotherapy helps:

Hypnotherapy can help us by identifying the stress/ anxiety and its route causes.  Using hypnotherapy, I can help and support you to use your own skills in developing alternative coping mechanisms, challenging limited belief patterns. Hypnotherapy can support you in reprogramming negative thinking patterns which may be leading you into a cycle of negative thinking.  We can work together towards managing your stress and anxiety and working towards living the life you desire.

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