Public Speaking

Many of us can think of public speaking as frightening and humiliating experience, where your legs turn to jelly, hands shake and your heart beats ten to the dozen.  But it does not have to be this way!

From doing a speech at a wedding, a presentation at work or just speaking in small groups of friends, we can at times find any of these things challenging.  However, hypnotherapy is an amazing  way to support you in improving confidence and self- belief and can support you to feel confident and in control of any situation you find yourself in.  

How it works:

I can work together with you to identify the difficulties you are experiencing around public speaking and considering the triggers around this.   

Using hypnotherapy, I can help and support you to use your own skills in developing improved confidence and self-esteem. Supporting you to challenge self-limiting belief patterns and supporting you to unlock the confidence within you that you were born with.  Hypnotherapy will support you in reprogramming negative thinking patterns which may be leading you into a cycle of negative thinking and responses.  We can work together towards overcoming these negative patterns that are holding you back.   We will also work together towards unlocking your skills as a confident speaker who can be supported towards feeling. relaxed and in control talking in front of groups or providing presentations.

Contact Claire for a 30minute free consultation then £45 for an hour session

email Claire Ashbyor call 07921 252 870

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