Goal Achievement

Do you want to achieve your goals?

Do you want to improve your performance in sport or at work?

Do you want the edge over your competitors?

It’s now becoming more well known that performance in sport is not only down to your physical skills, but your mind also has an important role to play. Negative self – beliefs or self-doubt may seriously impact your abilities.  If you want to have the mental edge above your competitors, if you truly have a desire to achieve then hypnosis could be for you.

How hypnosis can help?

I can work together with you to truly refine your goal and what you would like to achieve.  I can support you in considering the blocks to achieving your goals.  I can support you through hypnotherapy towards reprograming your negative beliefs.  Working together towards reducing stress and towards reaching your potential.    

Contact Claire for a 30minute free consultation then £45 for an hour session

email Claire Ashbyor call 07921 252 870

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