Fears and Phobias

Are your fears and phobias impacting on your quality of life?

Are your fears and phobias holding you back or stopping you from living the life you deserve?

Are your ready to take control and work towards living a life free of this fear or phobia?

Fears and phobias affect a large number of people and can lead to them to experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety and missing out on social events or preventing them from living the life they desire.  

However, hypnotherapy can be an amazing way in working together towards reducing and eliminating your fears and phobias and the anxiety you experience around them.  

How hypnotherapy can help?

Hypnotherapy can help by identifying the fears and phobias its route causes.  Using hypnotherapy, I can help and support you to use your own skills in developing alternative developing mechanisms, supporting you to reprogram negative thinking patterns which may be leading to a cycle of negative thoughts and increased anxieties.  We can work together towards overcoming your fears and phobias and allow you to lead the life you truly deserve.

Contact Claire for a 30minute free consultation then £45 for an hour session

email Claire Ashbyor call 07921 252 870

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