Confidence and Self Esteem

Is your lack of confidence holding you back in life?

Is your lack of confidence preventing you from meeting a partner?

Do you feel not good enough?

A lack of self-confidence and self-esteem can hold you back in every area of your life, from achieving your dream job to finding the relationship you are looking for.  You may feel a lack of confidence in meeting new people, talking in groups or need a boost of confidence in attending an event, making changes in your life or attending a particular event.  

Increasing your confidence and self-esteem will open up the doors for a range of opportunities in your life as well as well as enabling you to value and embrace yourself and the skills, qualities and attributes you have to offer the world.  

How hypnotherapy can help:

I can work together with you to identify the specific difficulties you are experiencing around confidence or self-esteem and support you to make the changes that are important to you.  Working together I can help you to identify where your thoughts and feeling around a lack of confidence and self-esteem originated from in order to move past them.

Using hypnotherapy, I can help and support you to use your own skills in further developing and  improved confidence and self-esteem. Supporting you to challenge self-limiting belief patterns and supporting you unlock confidence that is within us all.  Hypnotherapy will support you in reprogramming negative thinking patterns in your subconscious mind which may be leading you into a cycle of negativity and anxiety.  

We can work together towards overcoming these negative patterns that are holding you back and support you towards reducing fear and anxiety and in identifying and igniting the confidence that is there within us all.  Working together I will support you to use your own skills and abilities to help to uncover the confidence within you.

Contact Claire for a 30minute free consultation then £45 for an hour session

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